Nice day in the alps and the riders were just checking out their shape for the coming giro d’Italia which was about to beginn in a week’s time in San Remo. The 3rd stage was quite hard as there were some tough climbs to go over and the finish was on a small village sitting on the side of the mountain. The beginning of the climb had a 12% gradient which was only easing short before the finish line.

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What a terrible day, the weather was nasty, cold ,and a lot of snow. All this did not deterred the many passionates like me from reaching the finish at 3 Cime di Lavaredo over 2.000 meters above sea level. The day was not the best to party as it usually happens on such occasions, and the cheering and chanting was a little bit undermined by the weather Continua a leggere


The italian championship is a great event, as it assigns the “TRICOLORE” jersey which will be worne by the winner in all international daily races, and stage races, and such an event cannot be missed especially if it happens not far away from where you live. In this occasion all the top italian riders are joining the competition, because in case of victory that will add more value to a rider’s carreer. Continua a leggere


A nice mid summer race dedicated to professional and continetal teams, and riders taking part to it are mainly italians. The race takes place between two valleys dedicated to the growth of appel trees and delicious appels, that are also given to the riders reaching the podium. Tjhe weather is always nice and sunny, a little bit windy, and for a father fornd of cycling is always nice to have his children around.