Tour 7 Hrs. 180 km.

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A wonderful tour along the river Piave scene of atrocities during W.W.I. heading towards the dolomites from south. Climbing up the first row of hills through narrow roads and hearts of small villages, we will then enter a canyon with a nice lake at the beginning and some tunnels escavated in the rocks along the way.

Waterfalls, silence, the cry of eagles and our breath will stay with us for a while, but then the view will be overwhelming. We will be entering the nearby Region Trentino through Passo Cereda looking at the high peaks which bear snow at their summit till early summer, to come back into Veneto for another wonderful climb.


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Croce d’Aune a mountain famous for staging a car race uphill only. There are some ski slopes on that plateau as well. From there the view over the valley below is astonoshing.

Some stops are foreseen on these tours for food, drinks and some relax to enjoy the view.


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