bike riding in Italy

Hi my name is Claudio, Cl and I love cycling in the beautiful surrounding at the foothills of the alps.

We enjoy a beautiful temperature all year round, and in winter it ranges between 5 to 12 c° and it is really nice. The place is called Possagno.

The sun shines almost everyday even for weeks, and when the rain comes it lasts for a couple of days only then again bleu sky. The area where I am writing you from is located 70 km north of Venice the most beautiful and unique City in the world, rich of Culture as well as Architecture.

I am the organiser of these events, and I would like to make people enjoy this part of Veneto a north east region of Italy. I am a quiet rider whom enjoys control regulated rides, as riding is enjoyable only, when at the end of a training session you can still talk to your family not just lie in bed due to body overworking. In the area there are some nice and well catered hotels, or agriturismo (Inns) where local and typical food is served. Mind you I love eating well, therefore the places I’ll take you to for dinner will certainly meet with your agreements for the selection of food and wines.

This area is home to the production of a great sparkling wine called “Prosecco”, very well known throughout the world. You’ll have the chance of tasting it from the producers, accompanied with some regional cold cuts, bread, and polenta (corn flower cooked in water and rightly salted)

The daily rides will be between 120/150 km rather hilly, but not difficult, and, as mentioned earlier in this text at a controlled pace, because it has to be a pleasant thing to do and share with other people coming from other countries and sharing the same passion for cycling. The routes will be really good for any training regardless of the season, as they include flat roads, climbs of various distances, shortest about 2.00 km

Don’t worry dear cycling friends (allow me this confidence) nobody will be disappointed or stressed, as I’ll choose the routes very carefully in order not to make the ride too stressful or unpleasant. Some times we will be riding along national roads, where the traffic can be a bit of a bother, but car or truck drivers are very respectful of cyclists, providing that the cyclists too play by the rules on the road.

Before every ride, I’ll brief you on the route we’ll be riding through that day, so no one will be upset about rough downhill, hairpin bends, some give way priorities on main roads.

Everyone shall carry his own insurance and medical books should something happen, and although we all ride together every one is responsible of his behaviour as well as any irresponsible actions, which I hope won’t be a matter of talk during the riding ‘s period.

The hotel you will be staying is comfortable, nice and offers well furnished rooms, as well as a family atmosphere. The cooking is traditional, rich, and healthy, accompanied by a good selection of wines.

I hope that the introduction and explanation about the friendly rides is clear enough, and you feel like taking part to it. Should you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Friendly regards




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