A beautifuland sunny day was welcoming the Giro for the queen stage that lukily was on the doorstep for me and I enjoyed it very much. For the first ever time I was at the start and it was amazing to see how many peole work behind the scenes to make each stage extraordinary.

Seeing all the riders going to sign the departure chart makes you be part of it as they just pass so close that you can pad them on the shoulders and can talk to them. I was close to some fans of Carapz who went mad as he slowly rode by on the tiny corridor to sign his presence on the stage.

Once the start was given all the fans took a long walk towards the last few kilometrs to the finish placed on a mountain facing Feltre. Half of Slovenia which neihbours Italy was on the last climb and many flags were flying. I had the chance of seeing people from various countries and stop with them for a chat. This is the Giro a huge open air show were cyclists and common peole meet to share the same passion and get to know each other even for some hours only. This is what excites me about the Giro and being a cyclist. These events near people very much and hope they will do for years to come. Enjoy the pictures below.

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Hi everyone, my name is Claudio, and I love cycling, and I hope that you share this passion too. I will be glad to meet people from all over the world to cycle in this beatiful area, where food, and wine blend into the most friendliest atmosphere, and people of various cultures get to know each other thanks to cycling, this is not a dream, I hope that thanks to you it will soon be real, and achievable

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