Amazing performance by the girls both on the TT and on the first stage. It was my first time as spectator and I was really impressed by the power these girls had and comittment to go down on the pedals. The TT was quite fast whereas the tough climb of the first stage was showing the net difference between the specialists on the climbs and the sprinters. Unfortiunately the gap was widening as the last girls were passing in front of my camera but all deserved respect for their effort.

I must say that their feminine endoaver could be compared to the one of the men and despite some tears they all went up to the top of it. Really exciting and although under extreme pressure to stay in balance as the road was steep, they were adorable women even in their vocal disappointment and deep breathing. Well done girls.

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Hi everyone, my name is Claudio, and I love cycling, and I hope that you share this passion too. I will be glad to meet people from all over the world to cycle in this beatiful area, where food, and wine blend into the most friendliest atmosphere, and people of various cultures get to know each other thanks to cycling, this is not a dream, I hope that thanks to you it will soon be real, and achievable

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