The 100th edition of the GIRO had an important penultimum stage remebering and paying tribute to the young soldiers who fought in the I° WW 1914-1918 and the crowd responded in droves as the riders climbed this Sacred Mountains considering that 22.000 soldiers are buried in the two adiacent cemeteries.

Considering the occasion a lot of passionate cyclists including myself climbed the 27 km road leading to the summit and again the languages spoken up there were many. I am glad to have been there to see this great atmosphere shared by every one regardles of the language barrier for many but a smile and a pad on the shoulders were the best sign to welcome a new friend. The furtherst guests were from Australia who came all the way to Italy to enjoy and savour what the GIRO means to us. Everyone was there to share his passion for cycling and to cheer the riders on their final battle for the victory of the GIRO.

A nice and hot day greeted everybody who were sheltering inside their tents singing, toasting and chanting.


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Hi everyone, my name is Claudio, and I love cycling, and I hope that you share this passion too. I will be glad to meet people from all over the world to cycle in this beatiful area, where food, and wine blend into the most friendliest atmosphere, and people of various cultures get to know each other thanks to cycling, this is not a dream, I hope that thanks to you it will soon be real, and achievable

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