This is a little overview of what happened in may 2010 during two of the most exciting stages of the Giro d’Italia of that year won by Ivan Basso. You see the action on Monte Grappa on Saturday, and the hard battle to the last drop of energy on Sunday on Monte Zoncolan.The crowd was faboulus, and the mountains were packed. There were Auastralians, Germans, French I could hear people speaking different languages on these days, all fascinated by the beauty of the places, and above all from the festive atmosphere of these events. At the Giro as I suppose at the Tour and Vuelta, the cheering, and the getting together is just an all day party. Smell of foods is everywhere, and the tosting too.A lot of cyclists climb at their own pace, and you see who is fit, and who is not, anyway the most important thing is to enjoy the day, and have fun. I assure you that on such days you see a lot of people smiling, no long faces are allowed.Hope you like the picks, and maybe see you in Italy if you wish to tackle the climbs professional riders have left their marks.

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Hi everyone, my name is Claudio, and I love cycling, and I hope that you share this passion too. I will be glad to meet people from all over the world to cycle in this beatiful area, where food, and wine blend into the most friendliest atmosphere, and people of various cultures get to know each other thanks to cycling, this is not a dream, I hope that thanks to you it will soon be real, and achievable

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